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The residents of Portland, Oregon are unanimous in their opinion that the city is a paradise for people who enjoy being outside. There is an abundance of opportunities to engage in some outdoor adventuring, such as taking a leisurely stroll around any one of the city's 275 public parks and gardens or paddling a kayak down the Willamette River, which runs right through the middle of the city. 


Even though this part of the country has a substantially higher percentage of annual rainfall than the rest of the country, you won't have to spend your time cooped up indoors waiting out the storm. There is a diverse collection of neighborhoods, each of which exudes a character all its own. There is truly something for everyone in this city, whether one is looking for high-end shopping Downtown or vintage boutiques in the city's Southeast sector; fine dining restaurants in Nob Hill and the Pearl District; or informal cafes in Division; there are all of these and more.

High Season
June - Sep

Best Month

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What is the best month to fly to Portland?


During the summer months in Portland, everyone is excited to see the return of the sun. The months of June through September offer an abundance of opportunities for outdoor leisure at a variety of locations, and the weather is typically clear and mild during these months. And as the warm weather draws to a close, the city gets ready to celebrate another successful high season by throwing a slew of festivities that are well worth attending. 


There is a possibility that hiking paths could become more congested because tourists and locals alike are flocking to attractive locations in the Columbia River Gorge and on Mount Hood, not to mention coastal cities like Astoria and Cannon Beach. In spite of this, there are a lot of areas in nature where one can enjoy peace and quiet, such as the Tryon Creek State Natural Area and the Coast Range to the west of Portland.

Things to do in Portland

Forest Park
Japanese Garden
Providence Park
Farmers Market
Jamison Square

How far away is the Portland Airport from the downtown area of Portland? 

There is a distance of ten kilometres that separates the Portland International Airport and the downtown area of Portland. 

What is the name of the airport that serves Portland? 

In Portland, there is just one airport, and it goes by the name Portland Airport (PDX). It is also sometimes called Portland or Portland International Airport.

What is the best season to plan a visit to Portland for a vacation?

The best time to fly to Portland, Oregon is from June to September. This is considered to be the peak time when you will see crowds, activities, and many more exciting things to do.

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