How do I select my seat on Latam?

What is the best way to book a seat with LATAM Airlines?

Latam Airlines allows passengers to choose their seats at no extra cost throughout the booking process. Closer to departure time, however, the number of premium tickets available may decrease. You should choose your seats in advance if you want to guarantee that you get them. Elite members of the Latam Pass frequent flyer program have the option to select their seats in advance at no additional cost. Verify your membership and enjoy the benefits.

There may be an additional cost for some seats, such as those with more amenities or wider legroom. Be prepared to pay the listed price for these seats if you choose to reserve them. Placement ideal for the whole family: Latam Airlines makes every effort to serve families in transit.

Quick Steps to choose seats on LATAM airlines

Selecting seats on LATAM Airlines is an essential part of planning your journey and ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable flight. Whether you're travelling solo, with family, or with friends, LATAM Airlines provides several options for latam airlines seat selection. Here is a list of the steps to choose your seats and explore the various considerations that can enhance your flying experience.

1. Book Your Flight:

  • Start by booking your flight on LATAM Airlines through their official website or a trusted travel agency. During the booking process, you will usually have the option to select your seats. If you haven't chosen seats at this point, you can do so later.

2. Seat Selection during Booking:

  • If you opt to select your seats during the booking process, you'll be presented with a seat map. This map displays available seats, along with information about extra legroom seats, premium seats, and standard seats. You can simply click on the seat you prefer, and it will be assigned to you.

3. Consider Your Needs:

  • Before choosing your seats, consider your needs and preferences. Are you traveling with family or friends and want to sit together? Do you prefer extra legroom? Are you looking for privacy in a window seat? By identifying your preferences, you can make more informed seat selections.
  • LATAM Airlines often offers extra legroom seats, which provide additional space and comfort. These seats may come with an extra fee, but they can be an excellent choice for those seeking a more spacious flying experience. They are usually found in exit rows and bulkhead areas.

4. Premium Seats:

  • Premium seats are another option that may be available when selecting seats. These seats often come with added amenities, such as priority boarding and enhanced in-flight services. They are suitable for travelers looking for a more luxurious journey.

5. Check Seat Availability:

  • Seat availability can change, especially if you're booking closer to your departure date. If you have specific seat preferences, it's advisable to book early to secure your desired seats. If you've already booked your flight and didn't select seats during the booking process, you can visit the LATAM Airlines website. Look for the "Manage Reservations" or "My Trips" section, and enter your booking details to access your reservation.

6. Retrieve Your Booking:

  • After logging in, you should be able to retrieve your booking. This will display your flight details and allow you to select your seats. LATAM Airlines provides seat selection tools that make the process easier. You'll see a seat map of the aircraft, which displays available seats in different colors. You can click on the seat you want, and it will be assigned to you.

7. Latam Airlines Seat Selection Rates:

  • While standard seats are typically available for free during the check-in process, there may be fees associated with choosing extra legroom seats, premium seats, or specific seat assignments. These fees vary depending on the route and fare class.

8. Review and Confirm:

  • Before finalizing your seat selection, review the choices you've made to ensure they align with your preferences and needs. Confirm your seat assignments and proceed. After selecting your seats, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your flight details and seat assignments. It's important to keep this email as a reference for your upcoming journey.
  • If you have specific needs, such as traveling with an infant, requiring assistance due to reduced mobility, or having dietary preferences, LATAM Airlines can accommodate these requests. Contact their customer service in advance to ensure a smooth travel experience.

How to Make the Most of Seat Assignment Policies

Latam Airlines provides a selection of seating classes to meet the needs and preferences of its customers. The most common type of seat on Latam flights is the standard seat. Most passengers will find that they offer adequate comfort.

Seats with Extra Legroom: Latam Airlines caters to passengers who want more space for their legs throughout the flight by providing seats with extra legroom. These seats are in a different section of the theatre and cost more.

Seats at a preferred location are those that have been selected for their superior comfort and accessibility. They could be closer to the restrooms, have greater legroom, or provide simpler aisle access. There could be a supplementary charge for some locations. If in any case, you face issues with making your seat reservation on LATAM Airlines, you can get in touch with us at 786-6232-893 for a quicker response over the phone. 

Latam Airlines' Premium Business Class is for those in search of the utmost comfort and elegance during their flight. Extra perks, including lie-flat beds, VIP service, and access to exclusive airport lounges, are included with these tickets. You can expect a greater standard of comfort and convenience in the Premium Economy Class. Extra space for legs, movable headrests, and other luxuries await passengers in this cabin. When selecting a seat on Latam Airlines, it's important to think about your budget, travel preferences, and the length of your flight. Before deciding, check out the amenities and costs of each seat. 


Can I select free seats on Latam Airlines?
LATAM Airlines’ seating selection may offer complimentary seat selection for certain fare classes. Check their current policy for specific details.

Are there extra charges for preferential seats on Latam Airlines?
As of my last update in September 2021, LATAM Airlines may have extra charges for preferential or premium seats. Call Latam Airlines phone number to know more about LATAM Airlines seat selection rates and their latest policy details.

What amenities do Premium Economy Class seats offer on Latam Airlines?
LATAM Airlines' premium business class seats typically include enhanced amenities like lie-flat beds, priority boarding, gourmet dining, and access to airport lounges. Check their latest offerings for details.

What are the benefits of Premium Business Class seats on Latam Airlines?
Booking business class with LATAM Airlines may offer benefits like more comfortable seating, priority boarding, enhanced dining, access to airport lounges, and personalized service for a premium travel experience.

Can I choose seats so my family can sit together on Latam Airlines?
LATAM Airlines usually allows seat selection, so families can sit together. However, it's essential to check their specific policies and availability when booking your flight. You can get in touch with LATAM arlines phone number to choose seats on LATAM Airlines. 

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