How do I reserve a seat on United Airlines?

How do I select my seat on United?

Once you have booked your flight ticket on United Airlines, you will get a seat from the airline itself and it is not necessary that you will get your favourite. But you will be happy to know that United Airlines has made this easy for you by introducing the policy to book a seat on your scheduled flight according to your preferences. 
However, the United seat selection process depends on the availability of seats and certain policies of United Airlines. 

Call United seat selection phone number

To book your seat on United Airlines, passengers can use different methods such as phone calls, chat or social media. But if you want to avoid the online sources, then you can make a call on the United seat selection phone number and book your seat in creasing your comfort during the journey. The United seat selection phone number is +1 800-864-8331 and by calling on this number you can book your seat. 

The ultimate guide to United Airlines seat selection policy

Everyone wants to travel the world by sitting on their favourite seat but they don’t know how to book seats on United Airlines or what is the seat selection policy of the United Airlines. So we are here to provide you with all the essential information related to seat selection on United Airlines.

  • Passengers can only select available seats. 
  • Many times you may wish to upgrade your seat, then you are required to pay the remaining amount. 
  • If you need to reserve your seats near washrooms then the airline will ask you to give your medical documents. 
  • The United Airlines will allot seats on its own if you don’t choose your seat. 

Follow these above mentioned United Airlines seat selection policy before booking your seats on United Airlines. Please note that anyone can buy preferred seating if they are taking a United or United Express flight. 

United Website

United Mobile App

United customer service 

  • Go to the 

  • Click the ‘My trips’ option.

  • Enter your last name and confirmation number.

  • Select the seat selection from the drop down menu. 

  • Choose your desired seat from the United seat map.

  • Make Payments and get confirmation messages. 

  • You can buy preferred seating on the official website or by using the United mobile app. 

  • Choose a preferred seat on the seat map while buying your flight. 

  • If you already have your ticket, choose preferred seats while managing your trip through the ‘my trips’ option.    

  • You can speak with the airline representative at +1 800-864-8331 to book your seat. 

  • Provide your flight details to the representative. 

  • Then, the airline executive will check your ticket type.

  • You will have to tell your preference and he will book your seat. 

Book different seating options

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Can I pick my seat for free on United Airlines?


To pick your seat for free on United Airlines, you must select your seat within 24 hours of booking and if you have a business flight booking then you can choose your seat without paying any amount. 
If you are using your existing travelling miles then you can choose your seats on United Airlines. United Airlines elite members, economy class passengers or premium class passengers can also book their seats. 

How much does it cost to select a seat On United?

If a passenger needs to choose their seat then they are required to pay some amount as United Airlines seat selection fee but keep in mind that the price of seats vary based on the type and fare of the booked flight. The approximate seat selection fee that you must pay to the United Airlines ranges between 10 to 15 dollars. 

You can get to know about different ways of seat selection on United Airlines if you connect with the travel agents of mytravelmart at +44 742-759-7101.


How do I select my seat on United after booking?
To select a seat on United Airlines after booking, you can use the manage booking option to choose your own seat. For this, you may require to pay some United Airlines seat selection fee.

How do I pick my seats on United?
To pick your seats on United Airlines, you use the official website of United Airlines, United customer service  and the social media handles at any point of time.

How to get a better seat on United for free?
If you want to get a better seat on United for free, then you can take the membership or MileagePlus as the members of this community, anyone can get a preferred seat at extra no cost.


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