How do I select my seat on JetBlue?

How to choose seats on JetBlue?

To select a seat on jetBlue Airlines, dial 1-855-ADA-LINE (232-5463)  and ask the travel executive to select your preferred seat. JetBlue Airlines is one the top airlines in the world offering top-class transportation services in many parts of the world. Passengers can get fabulous in-flight services and it also provides a seat selection option for the passengers who want to book their preferred seat. In this blog, you can get the answers to the question 'how do I select a seat on JetBlue’.  JetBlue Airlines provides different options to select a seat on jetBlue at the time of booking or after the booking is complete.

Select a seat on Jetblue during booking:

Using the official website is the most convenient way for incorporating JetBlue seat selection process.  

  • Go to the JetBlue Airlines website .

  • Now,  open the booking section and enter the passenger, origin, destination, and travel date along with the class.  

  • Complete the necessary steps and reach the JetBlue seat map list.

  • Now, choose your preferred seat from the JetBlue seat map. 

  • Pay some additional amount if applicable to complete your seat selection on JetBlue during reservation. 

Choose a seat after booking :

When the flight booking is already confirmed, passengers can even select their desired seat. However, you are advised to select a seat on JetBlue only before Check-in, which opens 24 hours earlier than the actual departure. Moreover, you can follow these steps to choose seats on JetBlue.

  • Open JetBlue Airlines' official page.

  • Click on the Manage booking/Check-in options from the menu bar.

  • Now,  mention booking reference or ticket number and last name to get your flight details.

  • Finally, you can select your preferred seat from the available JetBlue seat map in the same class.

  • Once the seat is selected, you will receive your new e-ticket on your registered email Id. 

Jetblue Seat Selection policy

Jetblue airlines also provide some relevant rules and regulations for choosing a particular seat. For a seamless flight experience, passengers should know the JetBlue seat selection policy in detail. Here we are providing you all the relevant information about the JetBlue seat selection policy so that you can easily book your preferred seats. 

  • Passengers can select their seats for free of cost in almost all except Blue Basic classes. As the airline usually charges seat selection fees from  the Basic Blue passengers and does not give any free seat selection options.

  • If passengers do not make any JetBlue seat selection during the reservation time, they can choose again before the departure of the flight while check-in through the JetBlue mobile app. 

  • Passengers can only select the seats from the available JetBlue seat map before the departure of the flight. 

  • Travellers can choose their seat at any point of time but before at least 2 hours of scheduled departure of the flight. 

  • However, passengers can choose their seat during the reservation process but if you fail to reserve a seat, the airline will automatically assign you any random seat. 

  • According to the JetBlue seat selection policy, if there is a case of some medical issues then, there are no rules for selecting an emergency exit seat. 

How much does JetBlue charge for seat selection? 

In some cases JetBlue never charges any seat selection fee from the passengers but in Basic Blue, the airline charges some fee for selecting a seat. Passengers may need extra space to make a comfortable journey and the JetBlue seat selection fee may vary from 10 to 30 dollars per person but this ultimately depends on the type of ticket, fare, destinations and seats.

How is seating assigned on JetBlue?

JetBlue Airlines assigns seats on the basis of GDS (Global distribution system) and you cannot get the chance to see the GDS directly as the airline automatically assigns a random seat to all the passengers before the departure of the scheduled flight. While selecting your seat, you can provide your preferences such as extra legroom, space and cabin so the airline will show the available options. 

s seat selection free on JetBlue?

Are you still searching for free seat selection on JetBlue?  Other than Blue Basic, the seat selection on JetBlue is absolutely free. If you are making a seat selection request within the 24 hours of booking then you can save all your money and make your journey more comfortable. If you need more information regarding this, then you can get in touch with the travel agents of JetBlue Airlines at 1-855-ADA-LINE (232-5463) or 786-6232-893. 

What is the difference between JetBlue Basic and Blue?

Only slight differences exist when passengers choose JetBlue's two different types of tickets. Basically, Basic Blue tickets do not allow carry-on bags to or from London. In contrast, travellers who have Blue ticket fares are allowed carry-on bags irrespective of any route.

What does blue extra mean on JetBlue?

JetBlue Blue extra seats have additional amenities for the passengers, which are highlighted here:

  • No change or cancellation fees when passengers make their tickets.

  • Early boarding and free-carry are also allowed.



  1. How to contact JetBlue for Seat Selection?

If you want to get help for seat selection on JetBlue then you can get in touch with the JetBlue customer service at 1-855-ADA-LINE (232-5463). You can also ask different questions related to JetBlue Airlines and get immediate answers to your questions. 

  1. How do I select my seat on JetBlue Economy?

To select a seat on JetBlue Economy, you can book your seat at the time of booking and you may need to pay some amount as the JetBlue seat selection fee. 

  1. How much does it cost to choose seats on JetBlue?

JetBlue seat selection cost may vary from $10 to $30 per passenger and this seat selection fee depends on the type of ticket, fare, class, destinations and the type of seats that you want to book. 

  1. How do I get priority boarding on JetBlue?

If you book a business class or first class ticket then, you can get priority boarding on jetBlue Airlines. Members of Mosaic and Mint groups can also get the facility of priority boarding. 

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