How can I choose my seat on KLM?

How do I select my seat on KLM?

You can select a seat of your choice by making a KLM seat selection request by using the ‘seat selection’ option on the official website of KLM Airlines. You can get in touch with the KLM Airlines customer service team and gather information regarding ‘how do I select my seat on KLM’ through which you can easily travel to your dream destinations maintaining the onboard comfort. 

 If you are planning to travel with KLM Airlines then this can be the best decision ever. Passengers can get the best service and assistance from the KLM Airlines customer service regarding different services offered by the airline.

Know the easiest way for KLM seat selection 

  • Go to the official website of KLM Airlines. 
  • Click on the ‘my trips’ option available on the homepage. 
  • After this, provide all your booking details in which you want to make the seat selection. 
  • You will get your travelling details on your screen. 
  • Then, click the ‘seat selection’ option. 
  • A KLM seat map will appear from which you have to choose your preferred seats. 
  • Now, make the payment using different payment options. 
  • Once the payment is completed, your KLM airlines seat selection will be done and you will receive a confirmation message along with the new e-ticket on your registered email ID. 

Can I pick a seat on KLM Airlines?

Yes, KLM Airlines enables its passengers to pick seats on KLM Airlines whether they are travelling in economy class, business class or first class. Using the seat selection option, you can pick KLM airlines business class seats at a very low or no cost, travelling with KLM Airlines can ultimately provide you the best  travel experience ever and travelling while sitting on business class seats helps you to arrive relaxed and well-rested. 
The airline provides a fabulous KLM seating chart which shows available seats in the KLM flights.  You can get the utmost privacy, comfort, full-flat seats, always a window or aisle seat and extra storage space.        

How to make a free KLM seat selection?

You can make a free seat selection on KLM Airlines only at the time of check-in and a passenger can book the preferred seat from the available seats of KLM Airlines while the check-in processes. Other than this, passengers can also make a free seat selection if they make a seat selection request within 24 hours of flight booking. Moreover, the free advance seat selection is also available for the premium members of KLM Airlines. 

How much does KLM charge for seat selection?

Before talking about the cost of making KLM seat selection, you must keep in mind that the charges for KLM airlines seat selection totally depends on the type of fare or ticket. According to KLM Airlines, on an average the cost of making seat selection on this  airline comes around 21 to 90 US dollars. Butthis cost may vary with the type of seat, class and destinations. 

Seat selection policy of KLM Airlines

  • According to the KLM seat selection policy, passengers will have to pay some extra fees to make KLM airlines seat selection and get comfortable seats in economy class. 

  • If you have selected a seat with an extra comfortable seat but have not been allocated any on the same flight then the KLM airlines will give you a refund. 

  • If you have selected a seat near emergency exits you will need to follow all the safety instructions. 

These are some essential information for making seat selection on KLM Airlines and following this you can easily choose seats on KLM Airlines. Whether you are travelling in economy, business or first class you can pick your own seat and travel the world with a comfortable journey. 

To know more about KLM Airlines seat selection, contact the travel agents of Mytravelmart at  +786-6232-893. 


1. How do I choose a seat on KLM?
To choose a seat on KLM, you need to go to the official website  or directly call the KLM Airlines customer service at 1 800 419 3044 for selecting a seat of your choice.

2. Does KLM allow free seat selection?

No, there is no policy of providing free KLM seat selection and if anyone wants to choose any preferred seat then they have to pay some extra fees.

2. How to get a free seat in KLM?
To get a free seat in KLM Airlines, passengers should not choose any specific seat while making a reservation as the airline will provide seats to the passengers randomly. 

3. What is a KLM preferred seat?
KLM preferred seats are the seats which come under the preference of the passengers and they want to book after using the KLM seat selection. 

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