How can I choose my preferred seat on Delta?

How do I select my seat on Delta?

Delta Airlines has become one of the largest airlines in the world and offers several incentives to all the customers including preferred seating options on almost every flight. Preferred seats on Delta Airlines include some of the best economy cabin seats along with extra legroom and so on. If you're searching for ‘how do I select my seat on Delta’ then you can get all the information related to Delta Airlines seat selection policy

Can I choose my seat on Delta?

You can view, select or change your seat in the Delta seat map when booking, in My Trips and during check-in. If a seat is labelled as “occupied,” then this means the seat has been already booked. 

  • Open the official website

  • Click the ‘My Trips’ option on the homepage. 

  • Select the ‘manage my booking’ option to proceed further. 

  • Now, enter your reservation details to access your booking. 

  • After that, click the ‘change flight option’ to make a seat selection on Delta Airlines. 

  • Tap the ‘seat selection’ option. 

  • Now, choose your seat from the Delta plane seating chart or seat map according to your preferences. 

  • Pay the seat selection fee (if applicable) using different payment options.

Different seating options on Delta Airlines

Select your seat among different seating options and get all the information here before making a Delta Airlines seat selection.  

Basic economy

  • Refunds and upgrades are not allowed 

  • No seats are assigned until the check-in process 

  • No changes are allowed

  • Cancelable for partial eCredit (cancellation fees applies)

  • Last to board & not eligible for upgrades 

  • No credit toward SkyMiles Medallion Status or any other miles earned 

Main cabin

  • Complimentary seat selection 
  • Eligible for an Upgrade to preferred or Delta Comfort Plus seats 

  • The least expensive upgrades from standard economy seating 

Premium Select

  • Delta’s version of premium economy
  • Larger seats and better recline, 

  • Two free checked bags, 

  • Earlier boarding and premium extras

  • Select cabin seats with no additional fee

Delta One and first-class

  • Choose seats within the cabin for free
  • Two free checked bags

  • Premium snacks and meals

  • Priority boarding

  • A dedicated flight attendant

How do I select my seat on Delta Economy?

No, passengers will not be able to choose their seat in economy class as these seats have the most restrictions of any Delta tickets. Delta Airlines assigns randomly any seats to the passengers after check-in.

What are the Preferred seats on Delta? 

Preferred Seats include:

  • Exit row seats

  • Bulkhead window and aisle seats

  • Window and aisle seats in the front of Main Cabin

Preferred seats on Delta are available to those customers who can purchase these seats until the check-in window closes. But keep in mind that preferred seats are non-changeable and non-refundable and you cannot transfer to a new flight. In case of cancellation, you can get an eCredit for the value of your preferred seat if the cancellation procedure is done before the 24-hour check-in window opens.

Do preferred seats on Delta cost more?

The cost of selecting preferred seats on Delta Airlines depends on factors such as the route, type of ticket, fare, destinations and seats. You can select the aisle, exit row or window seat by paying some extra seat selection fee but you can get the seats near the front of the plane at no extra cost. 

Is Seat Selection Free with Delta?

No, there is no free seat selection for the passengers who are planning to reserve their flight tickets with Delta. Only the passengers who are holding first-class flight tickets will be able to select the flight tickets free of cost.

How much does Delta charge for seat selection?

The charge for seat selection on Delta Airlines is about 15 dollars and it may vary according to the type of seats, ticket and fare.  

If you are still struggling with the Delta Airlines seat selection policy then you can get in touch with the travel executives of my travel mart at 789-6232-893 as they will give the exact information about the seat selection on Delta Airlines.


  1.  How Can you pick your seats on Delta?

To pick your seats on Delta Airlines, you can use the official website or directly call Delta Airlines customer service at 0 1 800-221-1212. Once you are connected with the call, you will hear some IVR instructions and following them you can easily make seat selection on Delta Airlines. 

  1.  How do I select my seat in the Delta Business class?

Select your seat in Delta Business Class by using the official website of Delta Airlines for this, you need to go to the ‘My Trips’ option to make a seat selection on Delta Business Class. 

  1.  How much does Delta charge for seat selection?

The charge for seat selection on Delta Airlines is about 15 dollars and it may vary according to the type of seats, ticket and fare. 

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