How can I change my Spirit flight?

How do I reschedule my Spirit flight?

If you are travelling with Spirit Airlines and have an emergency, you can reschedule your Spirit flight under certain circumstances and re-book your flight as per your preference. And you can find the answer for ‘how do I reschedule my spirit flight’ here, because emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. So you can reschedule a change spirit flight ticket over the phone or through online mode. 

A quick guide to Spirit airlines flight change policy

  • According to spirit airlines flight change policy, changing flights with spirit airlines can be done up to 120 minutes before the departure of the scheduled spirit flight.
  • If you want to save the Spirit Airlines change fee then, you can change flights on Spirit Airlines within 24 hours of booking.  
  • Under Spirit airlines flight change policy, inflight and group flight reservation are not covered for modifications. 
  • Spirit Airlines enable the passengers to modify the travel itineraries with the help of managing my booking option.   

How can I reschedule my Spirit flight date for free?

If you want to change the date of your Spirit flight without facing any issue, then you should check the Spirit Airlines flight change terms and conditions before rescheduling the flight.

  • Passengers can avoid paying Spirit airlines change fee by changing spirit flight date or flight time 24 hours before the scheduled departure.   
  • First Class and Business Class passengers do not have to pay any flight change fees but will be responsible for paying the fare difference.
  • You can change your flight departure date even after check-in, but there will be a higher charge and fare difference.  
  • You can upgrade to a different class on the Spirit flight, but you will be asked to pay some spirit airlines change fee. 
  • The Spirit Airlines change fee varies according to the type of ticket, fare, class and seat, if you want to change the destination and time of your Spirit flight. 
  • You can reschedule your Spirit airline ticket by connecting with the Spirit phone number.   

How to change my Spirit flight online?

The process of changing flights with spirit airlines is completely simple and keeps the convenience of the passengers on top. The steps to reschedule a Spirit airline ticket are given below.

  • To change your flight date, visit the official Spirit airline website 
  • Then, choose the option ''My trips''. 
  • Enter the reservation number along with your last name.
  • Then, click on “rescheduled” under the “flight” heading.
  • To change flight departure and arrival times, choose the new flight dates and time.   
  • Follow the instructions provided and pay the spirit flight change fees and fare difference (if applicable).

How many times can I change the date of a Spirit flight?

You can change the date of your Spirit flight multiple times, but each change will result in additional costs and fare differences. Before making any changes in your spirit flight, we recommend you to carefully review all your travel plans to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.  

How much does it cost to change a Spirit Airlines flight?

If you are changing your Spirit flight tickets within 24 hours of departure, you must pay for the Spirit flight change according to some rules. 

Days from departure 

flight change fee

0 to 2 days from departure


3 to 6 days from departure


7 to 59 days from departure


More than 60 days from departure


How to contact Spirit Airlines to change flights?

You can instantly contact Spirit customer service by calling their Spirit Airlines Telephone number at 1-855-728-3555 or 844-989-7283. You will be redirected to an agent who will help you with reservations, cancellations, refunds, rescheduling, name changes, check-in, etc. and they will solve all your problems and make your trip more comfortable and pleasant.


1. Can I change my Spirit Airlines flight without paying fees?
Spirit airlines allow the passengers to change spirit flights for free if changes are made within 24 hours of booking. The flight change fee may range from USD 39 to 99 if the passenger is changing the spirit flight after the 24 hours of booking. 

2. How late can you change a Spirit Airlines flight?
 According to the Spirit airlines flight change policy, passengers are allowed to make changes in their reservation up to 1-hour before the departure of the spirit flight and the airline may change some flight change fee along with the fare difference. 

3. How much does it cost to change a Spirit flight?
The Spirit flight change fee depends on the type of flight ticket, fare, class and destination. But if you are changing your flight after the 24- hours of booking then you may be required to pay 39 to 99 dollars as the flight change fee. So make sure to change your flight within 24 hours of booking. 

4. What happens if my new flight costs less than my original flight?
If in case, the new flight costs is less than the original flight cost then the spirit airlines will reimburse the amount as e-credit for future travel. 

5. How do I modify a reservation?
To modify a spirit airline reservation, you can visit the official website of spirit airlines and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also call the spirit airlines customer service to modify your reservation. 

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