How can I reschedule my LATAM Airlines flight?

How do I reschedule my LATAM flight?

One of the most frequently heard thing is "reschedule a flight ticket," as many people do so because of a change in plan or for other reasons. So if you also have made a reservation with LATAM and want to fly again in a few days then you can change the flight date on LATAM because Latam Airlines is one of those airlines where you can simply reschedule your trip. and even if you do know the process that ‘’How do I reschedule my LATAM flight?, then You can read the below given information.

If you want to make the Last-minute changes in the LATAM flight booking then you can connect with the customer service agent by calling on this number +1 786-6232-893.

What is Latam Airlines flight reschedule policy?

A question will definitely arise in your mind that  "Can I change my LATAM flight for free?" So the answer to this question is yes. But to do this, you must understand LATAM Airlines flight change policy which you can see below.

  • According to LATAM Airlines flight reschedule policy, you can reschedule your flight up to 24 hours after purchase without charging a fee. However, the airline will charge the difference in fare between the original and next flight.
  • If the price of your original LATAM Airlines ticket is less than the price of the next flight, you will receive a refund for the difference, and vice versa.
  • According to the airline's flight change policy, if you choose to change flights with Latam Airlines on the same day, you must choose the next flight that follows the same route and stops at the same airports.
  • The airline will not charge the passenger its change or refund fee if changes are made because of the death of the traveller or a member of their family. However, the cause must be supported by formal documents.
  • In a different scenario, if a traveller misses their trip without informing the airline, Latam will impose a no-show and change cost. Therefore, it's important to inform the airline that you will be missing your departure; otherwise, the airline may cancel your return or subsequent travel.

How can I reschedule my LATAM flight?

If you have to reschedule LATAM flight then you can follow the below given steps and change your flight date online:

  • The first step is to open your preferred web browser and navigate to LATAM Airlines' official website.
  • You can find a number of options on the home page.
  • Navigate to the "My Trips" option and enter your last name and confirmation number.
  • Click "Search" on the menu.
  • All of your recent LATAM Airlines flight reservations will now appear on your device's screen.
  • Choose the flight reservation that you want to change.
  • to make changes, click the modify button.
  • Make all necessary edits to your LATAM Airlines reservation.
  • Tap on the option “Done” to end the update process.
  • and then follow the onscreen instructions one more to complete your new booking fees.
  • You will also be responsible for paying any applicable ticket differences and change fees for your flight (if applicable). 
  • You will now get an email with information about your new booking.
  • Save that on your computer to use later.

Reschedule LATAM Flight ticket using Customer Service 

You can also change flights on Latam Airlines by contacting the customer service agent. 

  • To reschedule your trip with LATAM, you can connect with the customer service.
  • So first, dial the LATAM customer service phone number 1 (866) 435-9526 and Wait for the IVR instructions 
  • To connect with the live person, press number 3.
  • Once you get someone to answer from the other side, make them understand your situation.
  • Then you have to provide your ticket's reference number and the passenger's information.
  • Give the agents your flight preferences, let them handle the modification, and wait for the confirmation.
  • If there are any penalties that must be paid, do so before receiving the email with the confirmation of the flight change.

Frequently asked questions: 

How many times can I reschedule my LATAM flight?
you can reschedule your LATAM flight as many times as you want. But  the flight you are switching to is more expensive than your original itinerary, you will be required to pay the fee difference.

How can I reschedule my LATAM flight for free?
If you reschedule a LATAM flight after 24 hours of booking, the airline may charge you a change fee. Within 24 hours, the airline will not charge you anything for changing your flight date.

Can I change my LATAM flight by calling customer service?
Yes, you can change LATAM flights over the phone. And if LATAM customer service is busy because of peak time hours and you need an instant response to your query then you can connect with the travel agent at MyTravelMart.

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