How do I contact Spirit Airlines customer service?

How do I contact Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines provides some seamless ways to contact customer service. Call Spirit Airlines contact number at 844-989-7283 to directly talk to an airline executive. Spirit Airlines Customer Support is available round the clock and you can connect with them whenever you need. You can get different answers to ‘How do I contact Spirit Airlines’ but the easiest way to contact Spirit Airlines customer service is by calling.

Contact Spirit Airlines by phone

Dial the Spirit Airlines contact number and follow the IVR instructions to get immediate solutions to your flight-related queries. 

  • Press 1 - select the desired language

  • Press 2 - book a flight on Spirit

  • Press 3 - change or cancel a flight

  • Press 4 - check the flight status.

  • Press 5 - make a group reservation

  • Press 6 - talk to a live person on Spirit phone

This is the simplest and easiest way to contact Spirit Airlines customer service as they are available 24/7 and always eager to provide the perfect solutions to all customers. 

How can I speak to a real person at Spirit Airlines? 

Need assistance while travelling with Spirit Airlines? You can directly talk to a real person at Spirit Airlines and find some suitable answers to issues like your luggage, check-in, flight changes, cancellation etc. Other than calling Spirit Airlines contact number, you can follow the given methods to speak to a real person at Spirit Airlines: 

Via live chat:

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines website at

  • Directly go to the Contact Us option at the bottom of the page.

  • After clicking the Contact Us option, you will get a chat icon in the right corner.

  • Then, click the chat icon and provide all your details in the chat box. 

  • As soon as you send your message, you will receive an immediate answer from a real person at Spirit Airlines.

  • We suggest you share your queries or details with proper explanations with valid documents (if possible). 

Via social media:

People facing queries related to Spirit Airlines can contact Spirit Airlines customer service using different social media handles rather than dialling Spirit Airlines contact number. For this, people have to send their messages or doubts using the direct message facility provided by all the social media platforms. 

Using these links, you will be redirected to different social media platforms and connect with the travel executive of Spirit Airlines. 

Via Airport: 

  • Visit your nearest Airport if you want direct answers to your questions. 

  • Approach the ticket counter of the airline or the support desk. 

  • Tell your queries regarding Spirit Airlines and get an agent accordingly. 

  • The airline executive will assist you and give you the best possible solutions

Can I use WhatsApp on Spirit Airlines? 

You can use Whatsapp assistance to get in touch with a real person at Spirit Airlines. The Whatsapp number of Spirit Airlines is 855-728-3555 and this is one of the best ways to contact Spirit Airlines customer service. You can get solutions to your problems in no time by using WhatsApp. 

Follow the instructions mentioned below to get WhatsApp assistance: 

  • Visit the Spirit official website. 

  • Go to the “Contact Us” option on the homepage.

  • Get the Whatsapp number in the additional assistance section.

  • Click on it and get the WhatsApp QR code.

  • Open Whatsapp on your mobile phone. 

  • Scan WhatsApp QR code.

  • After this, your WhatsApp will be linked and now you can use WhatsApp. 

  • Write a message, addressing your concern.

  • Directly send it to the airline executive. 

How can I contact Spirit Airlines for reservations? 

To contact Spirit Airlines for reservations, you need to contact Spirit Airlines reservations number 844-989-7283 to make a reservation on Spirit Airlines. Calling this number can help you to ask the airline representative to book tickets easily. Other than this, you can ask the airline representative to solve other issues like baggage, flight changes, cancellation or refund. 

If you need more information regarding ‘how can I contact Spirit Airlines’ then, you can directly contact Spirit Airline customer service or call the travel executive of mytravelmart at 786-6232-893. 


How do I speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines?

To speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines, you need to dial Spirit Airlines contact number 844-989-7283 or use different social media handles. 

How can I ask a question at Spirit Airlines?

You can ask your questions at Spirit Airlines by using different methods of contact Spirit Airlines customer service. 

What is the number to call if I miss my Spirit flight?

If you miss your Spirit flight then you must dial Spirit Airlines contact number 1-855-738-3598 and directly talk to an agent. 

How can I file a claim with Spirit Airlines?

To flight a claim with Spirit Airlines, you need to visit the official website of Spirit Airlines and follow these steps:

  • Visit the Baggage Service on the website.

  • Enter your last name and ticket number. 

  • Click on “Create Online Claim”. 

  • Follow the instructions and enter your information in the required fields to claim with Spirit Airlines.

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