Best-kept Secret Places in Mexico

Discover the hidden gems on your travel to Mexico

Many of the tourists who visit Mexico only visit the most popular tourist destinations. Off the main road, away from the madding throngs, is where real adventure awaits, and it is here that you will find Mexico's most spectacular hidden treasures. If you have a plan to travel to Mexico anytime soon, here is a list that will help you plan better.

There are lots of them, and they range from quaint little towns that are perfect for a restful weekend away to hidden ruins in the middle of nowhere to breathtaking natural landmarks. When you're looking for a vacation spot that offers more than just a few days at the beach, Mexico is a fantastic choice. 

The wild yet secure places will win your heart, even if beauty can be found just about anywhere. Incorporating Mexico's hidden treasures into your itinerary alongside the country's more well-known attractions is essential. A travel to Mexico is surely going to be a time well spent.

1. Bacalar & the Lagoon, Quintana Roo

Bacalar, located in southern Quintana Roo, is one of Mexico's best-kept secrets. While the town has some excellent street art and the Fort of San Felipe, the primary attraction is the Lagoon of the Seven Colors. This surreal freshwater lagoon (really a lake) is a delight to behold and is home to stromatolites. Furthermore, it is perfect for a wide range of aquatic sports for one time experience on your travel to Mexico. 

Take a boat tour or kayak to the island's principal attractions, which include the Pirate's Channel and Isla de Los Pajaros (Bird Island). Alternatively, you can unwind in water hammocks at one of the beach clubs, such as Cocolitos Beachclub, which is located directly at Cenote Cocolitos, or on one of the hotel's pontoons. 

2. Valladolid 

The Convento de San Bernardino de Siena, Iglesia de San Servicio, and the many great restaurants and cafes on Calzada de Los Frailes are some of the highlights of this town. There are also other cenotes, including the famed Cenote Suytun and Cenote Zaci near the town center. 

Valladolid is a wonderful town that should be on everyone's Yucatán Peninsula itinerary. Valladolid, in the state of Yucatán, is more than just a pit break on the way to Chichen Itza. It is an excellent site to explore the genuine Yucatán away from the throngs of Cancun and Tulum, with its colorful dwellings and colonial architecture. 

3. Espiritu Santo Island

Espiritu Santo Island is roughly 2 hours from Los Cabos in La Paz, Baja California Sur. The boats are docked at the La Paz Malecon, which also serves as the gathering location for the excursion. Lunch on the island is a must, where they will serve the best of Baja California, such as Baja-style fish tacos and Mexican ceviche, which is one of the highlights of this trip. Some tour companies will pick you up at your lodging, however, this is dependent on your arrangements. 

The first sighting will be of blue-footed boobies, a rare species in Latin America. The majority of these boobies may be found in the Galapagos, although Espiritu Santo Island also has a large number of them. 

4. Morelos, Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan is becoming a popular weekend destination for both Mexicans and international tourists. It's famous for its spiritual environment, breathtaking scenery, and traditional Mexican architecture and food. Tepoztlán, with its beautiful mountain views and colorful ambiance, is deservedly known as a 'pueblo magico' and one of Mexico's best-kept secrets. The town has a long history that dates back to the Aztecs, who revered it as a sacred spot. 

In Tepoztlán, Mexico, there is enough to do, see, and especially eat making your travel to Mexico worth it. The steep El Tepozteco ruin, which honors the Aztec god of Pulque, a typical Mexican alcoholic drink, is at the top of the list. For the daring, try pre-hispanic meats such as armadillo, warthog, tarantula, or viper. For those who are fortunate enough to travel on one of these days, the weekend market will be in full swing. Local mariachi bands can be heard entertaining the audience all day.


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