How do I contact Latam Airlines customer service in Australia?

How do I speak to Latam Airlines from Australia?

Latam airline is the best known airline in the aviation industry which is based in chile. So if you want to contact Latam Airlines customer service in Australia then you can dial latam australia toll free number 1 800 126 038 or 786-6232-893 by which you can get 24 hours help regarding all your queries.

Some of the easy ways to speak with Latam airlines in Australia

As mentioned above you know that latam airlines customer service is 24 hours available to assist you. But if you want to know the other easy ways to contact Latam from Australia then these are discussed below.

Latam Australia customer service number 

Passengers who wish to get straightforward answers to all their questions such as baggage, refund, flight change and boarding process then you can call on Latam australia phone number 1 800 126 038 or 786-6232-893 which is toll free. And for more information you can go to the Latam Airlines official website and then click on the ‘’help centre’’ from where you can get the accurate details.

Steps to dial latam airlines customer service phone number from Australia

Latam airlines customer service team can be contacted from Australia through it’s toll free number, so to know about the complete process of ‘’calling Latam Australia’’, follow the below given steps:

  • First, you have to access the official website of Latam airlines
  • Then, scroll down the main page and click on ‘’help center’’.
  • Now, go to the phone number options and click on ‘’Oceania’’
  • And then, dial the Ltam Australia phone number at 1 800 126 038 or 786-6232-893
  • And listen the IVR instructions carefully by which you can choose your preferred language
  • And once you are connected on a call line, you can talk to the live person of Latam Airlines in Australia.

Online chat service of Latam airlines

This is another way of contacting Latam airlines from Australia. So in case. If you do not find answers on call service then you can use the chat service which is provided by the latam airlines to all its passengers. For this, you can visit its official web page and then go to the help section to get the ‘’chat service’’ and then you can describe all your issues to the Airline executive.

There are many passengers who want to clear some queries related to COVID-19  before boarding the flight. So here you do not need to worry about it because safety is the most important thing and  LATAM Airlines has taken to ensure you have a safe trip.

LATAM flight face mask policy

When a mask is required, we'll let you know before you board and while you're flying.
All the time, passengers must correctly wear their face masks (except to eat). It needs to totally enclose the mouth and nose.

In case it's required, we advise you to bring a face mask, especially if you have any connections.

A face mask is not necessary for:

  • children under the age of two.
  • people who have breathing issues.
  • those who are unconscious or have disabilities.
  • who may otherwise be unable to remove them without assistance.

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